That’s us! At GreenProject Consultants (GPC) we are devoted to projects that enhance and preserve our environment and natural resources. We have over 40 years of combined environmental experience focused in planning, development and consultation. We pride ourselves on our creative ability and proven problem solving skills to get projects done with the client’s time, money, and objectives always at the forefront of our mind.   Our approach to project management is a holistic one, involving all facets of the project and their respective representatives. We know that budget and profit dictate a project and we are dedicated to ensuring a successful product, both financially and environmentally due to our commitment to serving the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit.    We specialize in waste planning and management, but our team’s wide variety of skills make us a great fit for many environmental endeavors. We are committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill and to preserving our precious natural resources. We have an accomplished team of green building and waste management professionals that can tackle a wide variety of building and event projects.   With this commitment, GPC strives to match the needs of the client to the needs of the environment so that both benefit. Our consultants will guide you through critical design decisions and implementation, helping you to achieve your green project goals.

Together, let's Build

a better world


What is Green? 
Green is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which we use global resources — energy, water and materials —  to promote planetary health while ensuring your own.
What is a Project? 
A project is a collaborative enterprise, frequently involving research or design that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.