Being 'green' is at the forefront of everyone's mind and nowhere does the concept apply more than in the building industry.  Being selective about the sites we choose to develop, the material we choose to build with and the energy and water saving strategies we choose to implement are important steps in this movement; but we should not stop there!
A key element in the building and remodeling process is waste.  Construction is the number one producer of waste followed by events. Because construction accounts for so much waste green building rating systems often mandate waste management policies and practices, as well as an assessment of your waste generation for both new construction and existing buildings.

Our team can audit your waste stream, develop waste management and reduction policies, and implement programs that will educate building occupants to make it easy to keep waste out of the landfill.  We can also help you with design and construction decisions as well as LEED certification.  We take the effort out of this process for you and deliver to you an easy to understand, detailed analysis of what is in your waste and where improvements can be made. 

We strongly believe that education is a crucial component to any green endeavor, so we provide custom-tailored training programs to fit your organizations needs. We provide fun, informative trainings to help your staff better manage their waste and to understand why their efforts are important. 

Let GreenProject Consultants help you with your waste related decisions and ensure that you get the best diversion with the least impact on the environment. 

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