What you get when you hire GreenProject Consultants: Pre-event, GPC focuses on reuse and reduction strategies with event coordinators, their vendors and all food serving companies.  During the event, several levels of service are available from personally-manned waste stations to simple drop off and pick up of containers.  Post event, our staff sort through the waste to source separate it all into recyclable, compostable, and landfill material.  The post event sort is the most important step in diversion.  Without it so much more waste would be sent to the landfill. Lastly, we provide a diversion report that outlines all of your waste successes.  

The diversion report is a great tool to use as a benchmark for future events and to show to all of your stakeholders.  Ready to make your event more Earth friendly?  Give GreenProject Consultants a call and let us minimize and manage your event's waste needs to help keep waste out of our landfills and make your event a green one.
Events generate community, good times, and an enormous amount of waste.  Most of this waste if not all, does not have to go to a landfill, all it takes is a little planning. GreenProject Consultants specializes in low and zero waste events as well as AB 2176 (Large Venue Event Waste) compliance for our California clients.  Our aim is to minimize the impact of event waste by diverting it away from the landfill through thorough organization and appropriate disposal. 

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