Put everything in the box at the end of your party.  Yes, we did say everything!  Ok, there are some exceptions such as plastics, metal, glass and other non-organic materials, but all of your food-related material, bones, meat, dairy, and service ware can be thrown right into the box.   ​With your Zero Waste Kit you won’t have to overfill your trash or schedule an extra haul to get rid of that unsightly waste.  GPC will drop off the kit and pick up the aftermath right at your door and with that the majority of the cleanup is done!  ​Give us a call or email us to reserve your Zero Waste Party kit! *​All compostable waste is disposed of through the City of Santa Barbara’s Commercial Composting program, which is taken to the Engel and Gray Composting Facility and turned into a soil amendment. 

Zero Waste Party Kit

Looking for a sustainable way to throw a party?  Don’t have time or simply don’t want to go shopping for the service ware?  Hate the after party cleanup?  Let GreenProject Consultants help with all of this! ​With GPC’s Zero Waste Party Kit* you can feel good about throwing those plates in the “trash”.  Included in your zero waste kit you will receive compostable service ware (i.e., cups, plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives, and napkins), signage explaining to you and your guests what a zero waste party is and a custom box lined with a compostable bag to make cleanup a snap!